Top Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight

Are you frustrated about your weight? Are you having problems on losing weight that you want to give up? Well, weight has always been a problem to a lot of people. It is the same with different race, size, and country. Most people who have an increased weight wanted to get slimmer through various means. You can do it by going to the gym, limiting your food intake or taking diet pills as last resort. What if despite all your efforts in losing weight, you notice that there is still no change in your weight. That despite your vigorous exercise, you still don’t see yourself slimmer in the mirror. To remove doubts that you will be able to get your desired weight, you must first know the reason why you do not achieve your weight loss goal. Here are some of the top reasons why you are not losing weight in spite of all your efforts.

  • Incorrect diet while on exercise
    This is one of the reasons why you don’t lose weight. Maybe you are successful in regularly exercising but failed in the diet area. In this case, you should be disciplined enough with exercise as well as your diet. Weight loss cannot be attained with exercise alone. You should control your diet and eat healthy foods, not foods that can give you so much fats and calories. When you are into losing weight, just eat light meals as much as possible.
  • Less intake of fluids
    Fluids can help you lose weight since it is the one that keep you hydrated during an exercise. If you are thirsty, always drink water. If you are going to the gym to exercise, be sure to bring enough water that will last the whole duration of your exercise.
  • Not eating breakfast
    You may think that it is okay if you do not eat your breakfast. No, it is not okay to neglect eating your breakfast if you are into losing weight. People who don’t eat breakfast usually eat more afterwards since they tend to be hungrier. If you eat breakfast, it does not mean that you should eat a bunch of food. You have to eat light meals in one eating.
  • Following Diet FadsThere are many types of diet fads that have been circulating. It may be through commercials, shows, magazines, or blogs. You may see your favorite celebrities endorsing diet plans and say that it works for them. Well, you do not have to believe them immediately or not believe them indefinitely. Most of these diet craze do not contribute to your goal of losing weight. Remember that magic doesn’t happen overnight. You must always choose tried and tested traditional diet that is both healthy and safe for your body.
  • Eating after exercise
    One tip that almost all experienced dieters can advise you is to eat before your workout, not after. Some people have the habit of not eating prior to exercise that they get hungrier after exercise. When this happens, you will just eat more, thus, your exercise will be for nothing since you will have more carbohydrate and fat intake. In addition, if you eat beforehand, you will have more energy for your upcoming exercise.
  • Replacing Natural Foods
    Natural and healthy foods are always good for your body especially when you need energy for a tiring exercise. You must avoid substituting natural foods with replacement foods such as energy drinks or energy bars, i.e nutribar, balance bar, or probars. You must always eat real fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.
  • Taking ineffective diet supplements
    If you have done everything and you have exhausted all available and natural ways to lose weight, you may take diet pills. However, you should have to research about each diet pills first so that you don’t get to take harmful or dangerous drugs. You can go to FDA website for list of safe ones. If you like to try a diet pill, you could gather information and take Phentramin-d, Phentermine, Adipex, or other FDA-approved drugs. Common mistake for diet pill users is that they tend to take pills that are ineffective, thus, making them more frustrated.

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