Top Diet Pills Recommended by Physicians

When you want to aid your weight loss regimen, what comes into your mind? Isn’t it that you think of diet pills? Yes, many people have been using diet pills to lose weight through the years. It has been manufactured to help people lose weight at a faster pace even with less effort in diet and exercise. These diet pills are in the market for as long as you can remember since many people wants to get slimmer as fast as possible. The number of these drugs is growing nowadays and if in case you have decided to take these drugs, you should always take necessary precaution. You must first prove its safety and effectiveness. You could do this by researching through the web or asking your doctor about their suggestions and comments about a particular drug. You can also check the website of the Food and Drug Administration for the list of drugs that are already approved. But if you want to know more, continue reading below since here is the list of the top diet pills recommended by physicians.

  • Phentermine
    It was first manufactured by American Home Products, now known as Wyeth. Phentermine is a drug that can cause a drastic weight loss to a person taking the drug. It works by suppressing your appetite, thus, you would not eat that much. It will lessen the calories and fats that will enter your body so your weight will be decreased in a short amount of time. Physicians usually give this to people who are obese since it can really make you lose weight. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases, this type of drug is one of the most commonly prescribed to people who want to lose weight. There is only one catch with this drug; you should only take it at 12 weeks maximum. 12 weeks is safe but beyond that is considered harmful. Side effects for this drug include nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rate. If you do not know Phentermine, maybe you know it by the name of Adipex-P.
  • Over-the-counter version of Orlistat
    An example of this type of drug is Alli. It is one of the over-the-counter drugs that the FDA has approved. It is marketed by GlaxoSmithKline. This acts as a fat-blocker so the fats absorbed by your body will be lessened. Hence, you will not gain weight. The fats that are not absorbed will be passed to your bowel movement, thus, eliminating it from your body. You can always add right diet and exercise in this drug for additional effectiveness. The dosage for this type of drug is lesser than that of its prescription drug version Orlistat. There has been some news that it causes liver damages. However, after a thorough investigation, it was not linked to damaging the liver. If you want to take this drug, just ensure that you do not have any medical conditions and such.
  • Orlistat, the prescription drug
    This type of drug is known in the market as Xenical. It is a drug that was introduced since 1999 and still being sold up to now. It is FDA-approved so you’ll know that it is safe. If you take this weight loss pill, you can lose up to 5 to 7 pounds. It also works by blocking fat absorption in your body. Just make sure that you avoid fatty foods if you don’t like having so much oily discharges and stools, even rectal and stomach pains.
  • Phendimetrazine
    This is the generic name for drugs such as Bontril, Melfiat, and Adipost. It is an appetite suppressant. If you decided to take this drug, your will to eat will be reduced. Less food in your stomach, less weight gain. Many doctors have already prescribed this drug, but of course, the doctor will first evaluate you of your candidacy in taking the drug. You won’t be able to take it if you have some medical conditions or history of any drug abuse.

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