Top 5 Food Groups To Avoid When Dieting

Dieting is not just about knowing what food to eat. It is also about AVOIDING certain types of food. For most of us, it is easier to avoid food items than to stick to a rigid menu. Apart from the usual sweets and high-carbohydrate stuff, we now list the usual culprits to weight gain. What we previously think are healthy food items – are now debunked! It does not mean when you are having a salad that you are losing weight in the progress. That is a huge misconception.

In this surprisingly refreshing article, you will get to know what type of food items you should avoid beyond the obvious fatty and all-sugar concoctions like soda.

Read on and be educated!

Get rid of trans-fat food items

What are trans-fat food items? It sounds all so scientific and hard to understand but these food items are quite common. Why are they bad? It is because this kind of fat is more difficult to digest and process, often being left behind in the body to add to our bulges and worse, clog our arteries.

Some examples of food with trans-fat ingredients are:

  • Margarine (if you must have it, just go for butter)
  • Fried fries
  • Cookies and pastries made with Crisco and margarine
  • Frostings
  • Anything with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (check your labels!)

Say no to fat-free stuff!


You thought fat-free was safe? No, it isn’t. Because when they say fat free, this usually means it is loaded with sugar. Check the labels. To compensate for the absence of fat, sugar is a common substitute. Now if you see that it is fat free and sugar free, check for the sodium content. It is rare to see food that is fat free, sugar free and low in sodium.

It is not enough that you see the banners and flags parading that they are all fat free. Read the nutritional content labels at the back of the packaging to learn more about the composition of a food package.

Avoid high-sodium food

Sodium is not just salt. In fact, there are many other food items that are high in sodium but may not necessarily contain salt, like seaweed or processed meat. A lot of these instant food cups contain so much sodium that it is not just fattening, it is completely unhealthy and dangerous for your body. Some classic examples of food items to NOT buy while in the grocery are:

  • Instant cup noodles
  • Canned soup
  • Pasta mixes
  • Frozen pizzas
  • Hotdogs and commercial sausages

Caesar salad dressing


Think that having a salad everyday makes you slimmer? Even without exercise? Not all salads are the same specifically because not all dressings are the same. If your salad dressing is citrus or oil-based then you are on the better side of things. But if it is based from mayonnaise, like Caesar salad, then you are better off eating that burger with half the bun.

What is an easy way to help your body lose weight with salads? If you can, skip the dressing altogether. Or you can use fruit as a source of flavor like a squeeze of lemon with a bit of pepper.

Chill your ingredients so that they are cool and crispy as you bite into them. This will make your dining experience a lot more positive and less sad.

Frozen dinner and pasta

Any quick fix for a meal is usually bad for your body, from fast food items to frozen dinners. If you watch those 15 to 30 minute cooking shows, you are in good hands because usually they involve ingredients that are lean, fresh and easy to cook.

Other quick fixes such as frozen pizzas, condensed soups and pasta packages are loaded with shortcuts – more sodium, MSG and artificial flavorings that are all bad for your body. They contain tons of salt for flavor, sugar to provide energy and other synthetic ingredients that are tougher to digest for your body.

Here are some easy dinner fixes that can help you lose weight in the process:

  • You can have your burger! Just minimize the dressing or if possible, have grilled patties with no meat extenders. Just pure meat – beef, chicken or pork.
  • Toss in arugula, iceberg lettuce with some frozen berries and candied walnuts. This is a yummy salad that you can take with you to work.
  • Instead of chicken salad sandwiches, try canned tuna in water, drained, then add some apple slices on rye bread.


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