Top 10 Most Popular Weight Loss Myths: Don’t Get Side-Tracked!

Myths on weight loss can sometimes make you wonder if these are really true, especially if lots of people swear by it. But don’t get side tracked. Instead of fast tracking your weight loss dreams, you just might delay it.

So, double check if you are on to these top 10 most popular weight loss myths so that you can wipe it out right away from your mind.

  • Starvation is the key factor to immediate weight loss. Starving yourself of healthy and nutritious foods can never be the key to proper weight loss. Once it feels the food deprivation, your body will go into ‘starvation mode’. Meaning, your body will deliberately slow down its fat burning abilities, and not the other way around.
  • Don’t eat snacks in between meals. Snacking in between meals is necessary. It will make you a bit full prior to the next meal, and will help you sustain your energy level. If you blame your snacks as the culprit to weight gain, it’s probably because you have been eating the unhealthy kind. Choose the healthy variety, such as fruits or low-fat cheese sticks.
  • A diet should be strictly followed. When you take out certain food variety abruptly and strictly from your diet, the chances of not being able to sustain it become higher. Drastic reduction will just make you feel too deprived. You will probably call it quits before the week is over.
  • Fad diets effectively help lose weight. Fad diets are not effective tools to help you lose weight. It teaches you to just crash your diet for a few days. It could make you lose weight, but never on a permanent basis. Most likely, you’ll gain it all back after crash dieting.
  • Healthy foods are expensive. The food market has a wide array of healthy foods to choose from, which are quite inexpensive and easy on the budget. You can scout for local produce, which are supplied in abundance, and, as such, these could cheaper. You can also try the canned variety, such as canned tuna and sardines, which can stay in your shelves longer.
  • Don’t eat fatty foods. Not all fats should be avoided. Remember that omega-3 fatty acids can help you heighten your metabolism. It can be found in fish and shellfish.
  • Avoid dairy products. Dairy products are rich in calcium, which can help you control your weight. So look for the fat-free or low-fat version, which you can have at 2 to 3 cups daily. It comes in different yummy concoctions and flavors, such as low-fat strawberry frozen yogurt or non-fat chocolate milk.
  • Skipping meals results to immediate weight loss. It can help you lose a few pounds, but remember that it usually backfires. By the next meal, you will probably be so hungry! With a whetted appetite, you’ll be able to consume more than necessary to satisfy your hunger. In the end, whatever weight you lost will be gained back, or, at times, double the weight you supposedly lost.
  • Lifting weights has no weight loss benefits. It is said that lifting weights will not help you lose weight, but will just make you look fat and bulky in the end. This is not true, unless you are into intense muscle-strengthening training. This will help you build your core muscles, which, in turn, will help you burn stored fats faster.
  • Drinking water can make you lose weight. Drinking water does not make you lose weight, but it can help you keep hunger at bay. It also helps you maintain hydrated all throughout the day. So, drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

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