Weight Watchers Review

What is Weight Watchers?

Ask any person, who has weight problems, about Weight Watchers and chances are, he or she may have heard of or even tried it already. This is one of the most popular and said to be most successful programs in weight loss available nowadays. The reasons behind its success are the relaxed eating program and the availability of a support group. Instead of restricting a person’s diet by eliminating carbohydrates, fats, calories, and other diet evils, Weight Watchers allow their members to eat any food that they like but in moderation. This means that they will not feel deprived in any way. The current program available is very different from the original Weight Watchers form which has been developed about 50 years ago. The new Points Plus program focuses on keeping track of the food’s and beverage’s nutritional content. A member should be able to stay within the prescribed Points per day in order to lose weight. Besides the point-tracking system, members are given access to a support group through their regular sessions. In these meetings, they get to hear success stories and ideas from other people who are combating the bulge. Another plus is that they get to hear other people’s opinion about certain weight loss problems.

Weight Watchers – how does it work?

Once a person has decided to be a Weight Watchers member, he or she needs to visit their website and sign up. One has to pay the fees so that he or she can attend their regular meetings, be supplied with a kit, and get access to their resources. This can be done online or offline during a meeting. After getting the resources, the person will then have to compute the amount of points that are allowed to be consumed in a day. This will be based on the person’s activity level, height, and weight. All the beverages and food available have corresponding points. In a week, the person needs to jot down the food points that he has consumed in the food journal. This tracking system will allow that person to assess whether he should eat more or less portions for the next meal. This will be assessed during the regular meeting and weigh-in session. Physical meetings are not actually necessary. Those who cannot or do not want to attend can simply follow the online plan available in the Weight Watchers website.

Weight Watchers – Results and Advantages

Weight watchers members enjoy the flexibility of this diet program. However, since it is very lenient when it comes to what food can be eaten, it is but natural that drastic weight loss cannot be expected. Some report having lost only eight pounds in four weeks. That would entail an average weight loss of only two pounds a week. Others claim to have lost more pounds but the average is 3 to 5 lbs in a week. However, the members are still very happy about these results. They believe that joining Weight Watchers also have a lot of advantages over other diet plans, such as:

1. There are no forbidden foods. Unlike other programs where the member will be prohibited from eating items like fatty or sugary food, Weight Watchers do not impose such restrictions. Focus is on controlling the amount of food that is eaten.
2. Children may be allowed to join the meetings. Some locations allow parents to bring their children with them during the regular meetings. This way, the household with weight problems get to share the benefits of the diet program.
3. Weight loss may be slow but continuous. Unlike taking diet pills, one can be a lifetime member of the Weight Watchers. The gradual reduction in weight is easier to sustain and is actually better for the body.
4. One gets some form of nutrition education. Regular meeting leaders give the rest of the group some advice on the importance of eating healthy. They give examples on types of food that can be beneficial in their diet and examples of bad food that should be limited.

Weight Watchers – The Minus Points and Disadvantages

Because of the popularity and apparent success of the program, many wish to become a member of the Weight Watchers. However, there are some deterrent. The major reason why others do not join in this diet plan is the cost. The sign-up fee along can set you back about $30. A meeting pass can cost about $13. If you have a significant weight loss goal and would take a long time to reach it, the cost can become unbearable. Assuming that you need to stay on the program for a year, you may spend around $650. Another drawback is when you do not want to reveal your weight problems to other people. Since you need to attend regular meetings and weigh-ins, joining the Weight Watchers will require that you disclose your weight to other people. Another drawback of this regular weigh-in is that it can discourage a participant if he or she does not lose as much weight in a week.

Weight Watchers – Is it for you?

Joining Weight Watchers is a good way of shedding extra pounds in a slow but steady rate. It has an established track record and it is ideal for long-term management of weight. Unfortunately, if you wish to shed the pounds quickly, this program is not for you. It might be better to take the diet pill route. Luckily, there is a diet pill that can bring about better results that controlling your food portions without the scary side effects. Check out Phentramin-D to see a better, and quicker, weight loss option. If you still wish to be a member of the Weight Watchers, supplement your weight loss with Phentramin-D so you can see the results faster.

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