South Beach Diet Review

What is South Beach Diet?

Most individuals who are not satisfied with their weight but cannot spend time at the gym turn to fad diets. These programs promise huge weight loss in a very short time. The problem with fad diets is that it does not help the individual make life-long changes in the way he or she eats, exercises, and lives. This is where the South Beach diet comes in. This is a program that many nutritionists suggest to their clients because it involves choosing the food items containing the right carbohydrates and fats. This program was originated by Dr. Agatston. He is a cardiologist who aimed to help people change their way of eating and living rather than just to get rid of the extra weight. Like other plans, the South Beach diet comes in three phases. These three parts aim to help the individual lessen his or her bad carbohydrates intake so that the craving to eat more is curbed.

South Beach Diet – how does it work?

The first phase of the South Beach diet is observed during the initial two weeks after a person decides to try the plan out. During this period, a dieter is allowed to eat normal amounts of fish, beef, chicken, shellfish, turkey, and vegetables. Nuts, cheese, and greens with olive oil is also allowed. The three meals and snacks prescribed during the initial phase seem to contradict most of the other diet plans. The reason behind this is that starving the body can actually make you feel like eating more. This way, the hunger is satisfied. The only restriction is that one must stay away from all rice, pasta, fruit, candies, bread, and other sugary treats. Other things to be shunned are alcohol. The second phase has no time limit. It must be followed until the dieter reaches his or her target weight. At this point, most food cravings can no longer be felt. The dieter is also allowed to indulge in treats like chocolates or savory pies. The weight loss rate during this period will decrease but it will still be continuous. Once the dieter has achieved the weight he or she desires, the third phase of the South Beach diet will commence. By this time, the dieter’s eating habits will have changed for the better so he or she can return to his normal rate of consumption.

South Beach Diet – Results and Advantages

During the initial stage of the diet plan, an individual can lose up to 6 lbs in a week. During phase two, it is normal to lose a couple of pounds in a week. Once the target weight has been achieved, the rest of phase three will ensure that the individual stay on that number for life. One huge advantage of this type of dieting is that the eating habit changes. Instead of depriving the body with necessary nutrients, a person is simply encouraged to eat food that not only keeps the fat cells from increasing, it also makes the heart healthier. It is also very simple because a person need not compute the fat and calorie content of each and every item that he or she eats. Additionally, since the South Beach diet is so popular, meals catering to this type of program can be easily bought from supermarkets and even online.

South Beach Diet – The Minus Points and Disadvantages

Eliminating carbohydrates totally can have some serious repercussions to one’s health. First of all, it can leave a person weak and unable to do more physical activities. It also deprives the body of minerals, vitamins, and fibres. This program can be particularly challenging for people who are used to eating so much carbohydrates all their lives. Additionally, should a person decide to buy South Beach diet meals online or from the grocery store, it can tend to be very expensive. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it can take you a long time and much money to reach the target weight.

South Beach Diet – Is it for you?

Since the initial weight loss for the first two weeks of this program is approximately ten pounds, many experts are wary of the effect that this could have on the body. The reason is that losing too much weight that fast can be unhealthy. However, once a person gets through the first phase, the weight loss becomes normal. The only question for people who are interested in trying it out is whether they can muster enough willpower to shun all types of carbohydrates for the prescribed two weeks. Another consideration is if you have access to stores that provides South Beach diet-friendly meals and if you can afford to pay for those meals. If not, then you need to be ready to prepare your own meals. If you cannot get rid of carbohydrates in your diet, it may be advisable to look for alternatives in order to get rid of the extra pounds. A good option is to take Phentramin-D. This safe and effective diet pill can help any dieter lose the weight without forcing a person to stay away from his or her favourite food.

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