Nutrisystem Review

What is Nutrisystem?

One of the main problems for dieters is watching what they eat. It takes so much effort to plan and prepare a nutritious and non-fattening meal and then practice portion control. This is the reason why many companies provide meal-delivery services. One diet plan that offers this service is the Nutrisystem. Each member’s monthly meal is shipped and delivered to his or her home in pouches. All a person needs to do is to pop the meal in the microwave and he can enjoy a nutritious meal that is low in trans-fats and sodium. The plan utilizes the glycemic index to determine which type of carbohydrates is good for the body and will help the person lose the excess pounds.

Nutrisystem – how does it work?

Following the Nutrisystem diet program basically entails eating the mail-order packed meals that the company offers. A member just needs to sign-up for the 28-day plan and he or she will automatically get access to the company’s website plus daily meals that adhere to the prescribed caloric and nutritional content. A counsellor will be assigned to that member to help him or her devise a weight-loss program. The counsellor will compute the calorie that the member will require in order to perform his or her daily activities and prescribe the appropriate meals depending on the member’s likes and dislikes. A trainer will also be available to suggest safe exercises that the member can do to hasten the weight-loss process.

Nutrisystem – Results and Advantages

Most overweight individuals get to their current condition due to overconsumption of calories. Since the Nutrisystem diet meals already come in packaged form, each meal is sure to provide just the right amount of calories and nutrients. Coupled with the prescribed exercise, a person will definitely notice some improvements in his or her weight. The average loss is said to be between two and three pounds every week. A huge advantage of this system over other diet programs is that the meals are shipped to the home monthly. It eliminates the need to prep and cook the food. This is perfect for people who don’t have the time to count calories and prepare their meals. Another good thing about the program is that it offers one-on-one counselling. This means that a member need not attend any meeting and could still get the support that he or she needs online. The program is safe for people who are vegetarians and those who suffer from diabetes.

Nutrisystem – The Minus Points and Disadvantages

The Nutrisystem, like other programs for losing weight, also has some drawbacks. It is not advisable for people who are very active because the low calorie content could lead to insufficient energy or excessive weight loss. Some dieters also report that the meals from Nutrisystem taste bland and look unappetizing. Another common complaint of people who tried the program out but did not stick with it is that it can be too expensive. $300 per month may be too much to pay for food that is not delicious. Additionally, a member will shell out more for the supplementary proteins, vegetables, and fruits that does not come with the pre-packed meals. Another disadvantage is that all transactions are done online or over the phone. Some clients reported that they have been on the phone for over thirty minutes before their counsellor answered.

Nutrisystem – Is it for you?

Despite the ease of getting food delivered to one’s home and never having to compute the amount of calories from each meal, the Nutrisystem diet plan may not be such a good program to try out. There are other diet programs that offer tastier diet meals for the same price. In fact, supermarkets are already offering the same type of, albeit non-customized, meals for less. Another consideration is that the weight loss one can experience from this program is gradual. If you need to lose a lot of weight really quickly, it may be beneficial for you to look into other options like taking diet pills. A diet product that can produce better results is Phentramin-D. All you need to do is to take the pill before eating and you can eat any food that you like. This diet pill is also safe enough to be bough over-the-counter.

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