Medifast Review

What is Medifast?

Diet meals and meal replacements have become very popular to people who are trying to lose weight by cutting back on fattening foods and eating only items that are good for the body. Since there are times when simply reducing the amount of food intake to get rid of unwanted pounds is not enough, it is necessary to get the help of nutritionists in order to find food items that can promote burning fat. One of the groups that provide such healthy and weight-reducing products is Medifast. It focuses on two things: ketosis and restriction of calories. The items that Medifast offers its clients are low-fat, low-calorie, and nutritional. They offer liquid meals and other items that can be ordered from their website or from independent distributors.

Medifast – how does it work?

The program known as Medifast has been created and marketed by a Maryland-company, Jason Pharmaceuticals. The group takes advantage of the ketosis process in the body. This is a state when the fat cells in the body are converted by the liver into ketone bodies and fatty acids. These two are used up whenever the person takes part in physical activities. The Medifast food items come in forms of stews, soups, shakes, beverages, and bars. They also have puddings and scrambled eggs in their selection. They also feature a 5-and-1 meal plan that contains less than a thousand calories. This is made up of 5 meal replacements, water, and a lean meal that is rich in protein, plus salads. This meal plan is good for the entire day.

Medifast – Results and Advantages

According to the website’s claims and reviews of people who tried out the Medifast program, a person can expect to lose around two to five pounds a week. The results are fast because the meals and meal substitutes contain very low amount of calories. If the dieter supplements the plan with exercise, the amount of weight loss can be greatly increased. Studies also proved that the program is safe. In fact, it is a popular choice of doctors who are treating patients with obesity. The products are safe even for people suffering from diabetes and those who are vegetarians. Another advantage of following the Medifast plan is that it is very simple. There is no need to count the calories of the meals and check if it still contains sufficient carbohydrates, fat, and nutrition because this has already been done by the experts before the meal has been packed. The manufacturer claims that despite the small portions, the Medifast meals are still filling because of its high-fibre and high-satiation contents. There are six meals allotted per day so a person will not feel very hungry. Finally, once a person signs up, he or she will gain access to a virtual support community that can help each member track the amount of weight lost as well as provide advice regarding exercise and nutrition.

Medifast – The Minus Points and Disadvantages

The main complaint of people who tried out this diet plan is the side effects. Many report experiencing dizziness, weakness, and low energy. The reason behind this is that the body is not getting enough calories. Another problem is that the program is very costly. A person needs to spend a minimum of $275 for a month’s worth of meals and meal substitutes. Since the food items are meant to be taken six times per day, those who do not have the time to eat often find this program impractical or inconvenient. Finally, clients also complained of the very limited choices in food items. People suffering from food allergies will find themselves consuming the same type of products over and over again.

Medifast – Is it for you?

The Medifast program for losing weight is ideal for people who are really committed to sticking to a low-calorie diet and are willing to spend around $80 a week. The weight loss is slow but continuous. However, it is advisable to consult a physician if you are going to join this type of program because the changes in eating habits can result to various health consequences. Some experts do not believe that this program is effective for long-term use because the super-low calorie content of the food items can lead to more serious health problems. If you want to see fast results on your figure, it may be more practical, and convenient, to choose diet pills instead. There are diet pill options that can provide better and faster results without subjecting one’s body to the hardships of eating too few calories. Phentramin-D is an example of this safe diet pill. It is side-effect free and proven effective by millions of people worldwide.

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