Jenny Craig Review

What is Jenny Craig?

What do Mel B of the Spice Girls, Mariah Carey, and Queen Latifa have in common? Besides awesome singing voices, these celebrities relied on the popular diet method known as Jenny Craig to get their shapely bodies. This Jenny Craig diet plan is a three level program that aims to assist people in their effort to lose weight. Besides teaching the clients about portion control, the Jenny Craig program teaches their members about physical activities that they can take part in as well as possible lifestyle changes that they can do in order to keep the weight off forever. The diet program also provides support for their members. They can be contacted any time of the day via phone should a member have any problem or question regarding the diet plan. There are also various online tools that can be accessed. Should a client require face-to-face assistance, they can just drop by the various centers in the United States, Australia, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and Canada.

Jenny Craig – how does it work?

When an individual signs up for the Jenny Craig program, he or she will be asked to answer questions regarding the activities that he or she currently participates in, habits in eating, and target weight. After the answers are submitted, a consultant from Jenny Craig will come up with a custom-tailored diet plan for the individual. This plan will include proposed physical activities and prescribed calorie range. The person’s current weight and body measurements will also be taken. After all this, the member will be asked to choose from the list of pre-packaged snacks and meals offered by the company. This makes counting calories easier because the consultant will be the one to compute everything. The only thing that the member needs to do is to buy the supplementary vegetables, milk, and fruits. Once the meals have been selected, they will be sent to the member’s home. The second level of the program involves participating in the prescribed exercise plan. This will be based on the physical fitness of the individual. If the member already engages in activities like gardening or walking to and from the office, the consultant will factor this in and suggest more structured activities like weight lifting or running. Finally, the consultant will meet with the member regularly in order to keep track of his or her progress. He might provide tips, support, and motivation so that the member can achieve the target weight loss and keep it off.

Jenny Craig – Results and Advantages

The amount of weight that an individual can lose by following this program is highly dependent on one’s budget and commitment to the diet and exercise plan. On average, an individual can expect a loss of a pound or two every week. This claim has been clinically proven. Many dieters love this diet plan because it is so convenient. There is no need to prepare one’s meals because everything, except the vegetables, dairy, and fruit, are packed and made ready to eat by the company. Another convenience of joining this diet program is that it eliminates the need to count the caloric content of the food one eats. The food selection is also extensive so one won’t have to settle on eating the same type of meal over and over again. Being able to talk to a personal consultant is also another advantage. If you require constant motivation and have a lot of questions regarding the program, help is just a phone call or a meeting away. If you are eating out and need to know which of the restaurant’s meals would fit your diet plan, simply call the consultant and you will be given assistance instantly. Finally, the members are given knowledge on how to eat better. This is a skill that will definitely help them lose weight and stay slim for the rest of their lives.

Jenny Craig – The Minus Points and Disadvantages

Like every other diet program, the Jenny Craig meals are very low in calories. This can be a setback for people who get extreme hunger pangs or engage in strenuous physical activities. Another setback is that the members could become heavily reliant on the delivered meals. This will be a problem once they stop ordering the Jenny Craig meals. However, the most reported complaint about the Jenny Craig diet is that it can become too expensive. Upon signing up, an individual must pay their joining fee of $299. The meals itself will cost another $70 to $100 a week. This does not include the extra amount one needs to spend on supplementary items.

Jenny Craig – Is it for you?

If you are looking for a long-term diet plan that will allow you to eat yummy but healthy food, the Jenny Craig program is for you. However, you must be prepared to spend a considerable amount to order the meals that they will prescribe. If you are a vegan or suffer from certain allergies, this program is not for you. Again, if you cannot afford to buy the pre-packaged meals, it might be better to look for diet alternatives. A cheap but effective substitute that will provide the same, if not better, results is taking Phentramin-D. All you need to do is to take the diet pill and wait for the fats to start melting away.

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