HCG Diet Review

What is hCG Diet?

HCG diet is one of the leading weight loss programs that are found to be truly effective by many past users, as it makes use of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone together with a combination of a strict low-calorie diet to promote fast and safe weight loss. The HCG hormone is said to trigger a curbed appetite and a faster metabolism in its users by stimulating the hypothalamus gland. Meaning, not only do you feel less hungry all the time but would lose weight effortlessly as your metabolism makes it possible to tap into unused fat deposits to convert into energy or waste.

The low-calorie diet is intended to hasten the weight loss process, as well as to adjust the patient’s eating habit to a healthier one. The HCG diet recommends doing this together with administering 125 IU of the HCG hormone daily through orals drops or injections for optimum weight loss results.

hCG Diet – Reported Weightloss Results

Many users found success with HCG as it delivers the following benefits:

1. A pound up to 3 lbs of weight loss a day! This means that you’d get to see actual results in the first week of HCG diet use!
2. Be able to keep the weight off even after treatment—since you’ve adapted a new healthier eating style, keeping the weight off after treatment is easy and simple.
3. Have a boost in energy to do more in your day and engage in physical activities to further aid in losing weight.
4. An increased metabolic rate to burn excess calories effortlessly.
5. Lesser chances of developing health risks associated with being overweight or obese.

hCG Diet – Reported Side Effects

Side effects are less common with using the HCG diet compared to prescription diet pills. Should there be any adverse effects, these should only last the first week of using the HCG hormone. Primarily this happens as a result of the body adjusting to the hormone and the quick loss of fats in the body. Some of these side effects are:

1. Headaches, dizziness
2. Mood changes
3. Fatigue

Serious negative effects are rarely reported, although some say that excessive HCG use can lead to overactive ovaries in women or male breast enlargement in men. For this reason it is advised that HCG is only taken as a short-term treatment and is administered in the recommended dose by experts.

hCG Diet – How much does it cost?

The cost of you HCG diet would vary depending on what form of HCG you’d like to administer. Injections may require you to seek medical supervision if you have no experience with syringes. Moreover, injections would cost more, around $45-$60 for 10,000 IU ampoules. On the other hand, oral drops are easier to administer and are easier to carry around. Plus, they are relatively less expensive for its amount—meaning more value for money. A month’s supply of HCG diet oral drops together with a starter kit of B-vitamins and a recipe book would fetch for around $50 in the online market. For the HCG bottle supply only, you’d get a lower price tag normally of $30 or less.

hCG Diet – Is it for you?

HCG diet is suitable for those who wish to lose those unwanted pounds safely and effectively, but do not want to pay for expensive prescription diet pills that have harsh negative effects. HCG diet makes use of a hormone naturally produced by the human body to aid its user lose weight by decreasing their appetite and increasing their metabolism. Although the HCG diet requires you to go under a strict no-fat and low-calorie diet, it assures you results and weight loss changes as early as the first week of use.

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