Bontril Review

What is Bontril?

Bontril ReviewBontril is a brand name for the drug Phendimetrazine, a diet supplement designed to help you lose weight fast but safely. It is a doctor-approved diet pill which has proven to deliver results as early as the first two weeks of its use. Being a powerful drug, Bontril can only be obtained with a prescription since its abuse can lead to drug dependence. For more effective results, doctors recommend to adopt a healthy balanced diet and a regular exercise routine.

It basically works by stimulating your central nervous system to raise your blood pressure level, which trigger to burn extra calories. Like most diet pills, Bontril is only recommended for those who are obese or have a Body Mass Index that is more than 30.

Bontril – Reported Weightloss Results

Bontril – Reported Weightloss ResultsPhendimetrazine, which is the active ingredient in Bontril, works by promoting the following results to help you lose weight:

  • Decreasing your appetite constantly to lower your calorie intake. Lower calorie intake means that your body gets to lose weight faster.
  • Increases your metabolism to burn fat stored in the body while converting them into energy, which means you get to engage in more physical activities.
  • Lose more than 12 lbs for the first six weeks of Bontril use!

Taking Bontril once a day with water allows you to reap these benefits with little effort and could be accomplished in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that following your doctor’s instructions is vital to achieving optimum results.

Bontril – Reported Side Effects

Bontril – Reported Side EffectsBontril or Phendimetrazine is just like any other prescription diet pill in a way that it comes with adverse effects. These effects usually subside after your body gets accustomed to the drug’s functions.

  • Dry mouth, nausea which may be followed by actual vomiting
  • Nervousness or trembling
  • Diarrhea, stomach pain or constipation

What have been mentioned above are the more common side effects of Bontril. More serious side effects include allergic reactions such as facial swelling or skin irritations. Call for medical attention right away should you experience these. Always follow your doctor’s instructions and prescription to avoid overdose or drug dependence.

Bontril – How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?Bontril prices would vary depending on your pharmacy. Beware of online offers as most are illegal, as Bontril can only be obtained through a doctor’s approval and prescription. Apart from paying a consultation fee from your doctor, you also have to foot the bill for the diet pill on your own unless you have insurance that covers this area. A bottle worth a month’s supply of 30 extended-release pills would cost you around $65 or more.

Bontril – Is it for you?

Bontril – Reported Weightloss ResultsBontril is perfect for you if you are looking for a way to lose a lot of weight quickly but safely under the supervision of a doctor. It is recommended for those who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 30 or those who are diagnosed as overweight. Avoid Bontril or consult your doctor before its use if you have any of these health conditions:

  • Type 2 Diabetes, glaucoma
  • History of substance abuse
  • Mental Illness
  • Hypertension, heart disease

Should you have your doubts about using Bontril, a safer but equally effective alternative is the drug Phentramin-D. Phentramin-D is easily accessible online and is non-prescription as it does not have the same adverse effects as Bontril.

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