Is the Dukan Diet the Weight Loss Solution for You?

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Most fad diets are just that, fads. Its creator promotes one, a celebrity discovers it, and then everybody starts following it because they thought it worked for others. However, just like any fad, one or more groups will discover its flaw and it will soon get forgotten. Diets fads come and go. Some endure much longer than others while some only last for a few weeks. If you are looking for a trendy diet program to follow, then you may have already heard of the Dukan diet. It is the “IT” diet of the moment due to celebrity endorsements. Is it something that can do what other diets could not? More importantly, will it suit you as a long-term weight loss solution?

The Dukan diet is not really a new trend

People all around the world have been envious of the Parisian women’s figures for years. Around half a million of these slim French women owe their great figures to a certain Doctor Pierre Dukan. He developed the diet more than a decade ago but it only garnered attention recently due mainly to two popular personalities: Kate Middleton and Giselle Bundchen.

Like other famous diets, Dukan comes in phases

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The Dukan diet aims to help people remove all forms of carbohydrates from their meals. This includes vegetables, cereals, and most fruits. Instead of the carbs, the Dukan makes the dieter consume more low-fat protein sources such as poultry, dairy products, and fish. Of course, not all dairy products are allowed in this diet. You need to pick out only those that are low in fat content. The diet comes in two phases designed to quickly bring the dieters weight down to his or her target. The first is known as the Attack and Cruise. The next stage is the Consolidation and Permanent consolidation stage.

  • Attack stage – is composed of seven days where the dieter only eats foods with high protein.
  • Cruise stage – after the initial zero-carbs phase, the Dukan dieter enter this stage. At this point, the dieter alternates between vegetable and protein days. This stage will last until the dieter reaches his or her target weight. This weight is scientifically calculated as a healthy level that can easily maintained for the rest of one’s life.

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  • Consolidation stage – This stage is longer than the first rigorous stage, lasting about 5 days for every singly pound that has been lost during the initial stage. It is very logical because, as many fad diet enthusiasts experience, it is the time after the dieter reaches a certain weight goal that he or she becomes most vulnerable to falling off the weight loss wagon. This stage is meant to fight against the body’s tendency to regain all the body fats that have been lost. It is the body’s natural response to any form of change in diet, particularly if you removed some components. The focus is still on consuming mostly high-protein meals with the re-introduction of foods that have been previously forbidden. This stage also lets the dieter have two weekly celebration meals.
  • Permanent consolidation – This is the final stage of the Dukan diet. It should be maintained until the end of your days. By this time, you should have established a new set of heating habits involving healthy foods. The focus here is no longer elimination of certain items from your menu. Now, you can eat the food that you like, hopefully still high in protein content, but in moderation. This stage is designed so that the dieter can maintain the ideal weight that he or she has attained in the previous stages.

Doubters think that Dukan is just a modified version of the other diet trends

Many critics believe that, with the focus on high-protein components of the meals, the Dukan diet is just a renamed version of the other famous diet trends like:

  •  The Atkins diet – This low-glycemic level resembles the Dukan because it focuses on moderate proteins, high fat, and limited carbs.
  • The ketogenic diet – This used to be mainly used on children with epilepsy. It is a diet that focuses on low carbs, high fat, and adequate amounts of protein. It is known for mimicing starvation, making the body consume fat cells rathen than carbs.

The main difference between these two diets and the Dukan is that the latter leaves out daily servings of vegetables and fruits. This makes it radically different from other diets that extolls the virtues of eating vegetables and fruits. Additionally, it does not allow the consumption of oils and fats. Plus, the Dukan insists that the dieter eat daily servings of oat bran. So, if you do are not a fan of plant-based foods but still want to lose those extra pounds in time for summer’s bathing suit season, it is a good idea to try out the Dukan diet. As with other diets, the results that this form can bring to one’s body will vary from one individual to another. It is up to you to discover whether it is the right weight loss solution for your situation.

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