How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

If I tell that you can get slimmer without exercise, would you believe me? No? What if I tell you that you can burn calories without the pain of exercise? Still won’t believe me? You better. Because a simple activity or change in lifestyle – no more sodas, standing up every now and then at work – can really make a difference in the number of calories you take and burn.

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or NEAT are movements a person does with no effort. This is not a workout. You don’t need any equipment. Heck, you don’t even need your Nike’s for this. This is what you need to do if you want to shed pounds without hitting the gym. A research from Mayo Clinic NEAT can actually affect if a person loses weight, gain weight or even develop obesity. The number of calories you can burn from NEAT depends on your level of activity.

A NEAT way to burn

  • Burn calories at the office
    Have you noticed that ever since you started working 8 hours a day, you have developed flabby abs? This is because office work usually requires a person to sit for a minimum of 8 hours. A sedentary work may not be a direct cause of obesity but it certainly is a factor that helps in obtaining. American Heart Association: “obese individuals appear to exhibit an innate tendency to be seated for 2.5 hours per day more than sedentary lean counterparts.” This means that if the obese can adapt the lean’s NEAT habits, they can probably burn at least 350 calories per day. All they have to do is stand up from their chair for 15 minutes every hour. Sounds pretty simple compared to 20 bench presses of 5 reps. They can also take the stairs instead of the elevator (this works, really) or do things you can do standing up than sitting down – like filing or talking with your next – cubicle neighbor.
  • Burn calories at home
    You don’t have to repaint the entire house to increase your NEAT calorie burning (although, no one is stopping you). Simple household chores like sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, picking up the toys can help you shed those pounds. Even while watching TV, you can do light NEAT activities like folding the laundry. Stand up as much as you can: while watching TV or when talking on the phone. actually has a list of household activities included under their “exercise” category with corresponding estimate of how much calories are burned in x minutes. So start mopping and start burning!
  • Burn calories with the kids
    Let your kids help you at home. Not only will this increase their NEAT (and avoiding obesity in the process) this will also teach them responsibility. Tell them to walk to school. But if school is too far, let them ride the bus (running after the bus = NEAT). Should you need to drive them, park at the farthest side of the parking lot and then walk with them to the school’s entrance?
  • Burn calories with friends
    We all know we sweat when we go to rock concerts. That’s fine. But during house parties, most of us find a place to sit. That’s also fine. Just remember to join the dance floor as much as possible. Or do a group hopping and talk with as much people as possible – standing up. Offer help in the kitchen and during clean up. You will not only increase your NEAT calories burned, you’d be a party favorite. You’d probably get invitations to all parties.

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