How does the Dukan Diet Work?

Thirty years ago, a French doctor named Dr. Pierre Dukan, created this phased diet to help people lose weight and at the same time, maintain a practical and reasonably healthy diet for maintenance. This diet is not about crash dieting or making you so hungry that you just want to pass out. The Dukan Diet is about creating a healthy eating habit that slowly incorporates fat sources like bread and pasta, towards the end of the plan.

The goal is to have a gradual lifestyle change, coupled with a rapid weight loss period at the start, to help encourage the ones dieting to keep on following the Dukan Diet plan.

If you want to get to know the Dukan Diet, know which celebrities have successfully tried it (at least rumored ones) and how you can have that fit body that you are dreaming of, read on below.

Dr. Pierre Dukan and his diet strategy

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Published last year 2000, the Dukan Diet has been around for more than 30 years. It’s been shadowed by the more popular ones like the Atkins, South Beach and recently, the Cohen diet. But when word got around that Kate Middleton and her mother are on this diet, it quickly became a household name.

The Dukan Diet, like most popular and effective diet plans, stresses the need to have more protein into your diet. Less carbs mean less stored fat cells into your body. But unlike other plans where carb elimination is almost permanent, there is a phase for slow re-introduction of carb sources into the Dukan Diet. This is a very practical and realistic approach since you are bound to eat a bowl of pasta or a slice of bread sooner or later, right?

Why is the Dukan Diet effective?

The Dukan Diet has four stages:

  • Attack
  • Cruise
  • Consolidation and
  • Stabilization

You can see from the image below the length of time for each stage. Usually, it is easy to start and maintain the Attack phase, especially if you are used to crash dieting. The more important part is keeping the Cruise phase, since it covers a longer period of time. Plus this is the part where you are expected to lose more weight – not as rapid as the Attack phase but since this spans months, this is where you can lose 20 to 30 lbs., depending on how disciplined you are.

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The Consolidation phase is where you get to maintain your weight, even with the introduction of carb-loaded food like pasta, bread, desserts etc.

Lastly, the Stabilization phase is when you commit to certain rules in your diet like having an all-protein day at least once a week (like how you eat during the Attack phase), commit to doing more physical activities like double badminton once a week, running 2 miles twice a week or walking 10,000 steps every day.

Who else is on the Dukan Diet?

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What made the Dukan Diet so popular so quickly is that there were rumors that the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton, was on this months before the royal wedding. While this may or may not be true, the slim and trim figure of the Princess was so envied by a lot of women so any path towards that figure was greatly admired.

There were also rumors that Jennifer Lopez was on Dukan and even the super model Gisele Bundchen was on it, after giving birth.

Of course, in Hollywood and in the Royal circle, no one will admit to doing diets and just attribute their weight loss to exercise. But who knows?

Alternatives to Dukan Diet: What if I cannot follow it?

If you are the type that has tried all forms of dieting, exercising and even diet bets (to further motivate you), but feels that every effort has failed in the past, then maybe you should consider other ways of losing weight. Short of having surgery or liposuction, there are still some last-ditch efforts to lose weight.

For those who need to rapidly lose 20 to 30 pounds, the more common route is taking safe and effective diet pills. There are over the counter diet pills available that are FDA-approved so you don’t need to get a doctor’s prescription to lose weight.

Just make sure that you are getting your pills from reliable sources plus check if there are unsafe ingredients in the bottle. Do not take pills that do not publish their components. Don’t just rely on reviews. Understand how the diet pills work, what the active ingredients are and how do these ingredients affect your body so that you can lose weight, fast.

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