Exercises that Don’t Work

You have been hitting the gym as much as you can for a couple of months now. There’s been lapses here and there, but all in all, there has been more visits than not. So how come you still haven’t seen the effects of your workout? How come you still have flabs on your arms and stomach? How come your legs are still weak? And most importantly, why are you not losing weight?

Any form of exercise that makes you exert effort and makes you sweat is ok. However, even experts will agree that some forms and methods of exercise are more effective than others. Below are a few examples of exercises that do not work and why.

Medicine ball exercises

Weight has always been a big issue to anyone. By weight, I don’t just mean people who are self conscious about that itty-bitty extra fat that they have. Because of the lifestyle of people, and the food that are consumed daily, obesity is one of the most common health problems today – and everyone is at risk. When losing weight, working out using medicine balls of any size at the gym is the least effective. These are even dangerous especially if you do not have a personal trainer since you are at risk of falling and breaking your arms or back when you lose control.

Try exercises that require you on your feet, without any aid of a ball. Exercises that use parts of your body instead of work out aids such medicine balls or resistance training such as TRX, are more effective in losing weight, controlling fats and toning muscles without risking your body to injuries. Try running, stretching, Yoga, etc…

Triceps and bicep exercises

Exercises that focus on these two areas are ok, as long as you have the luxury of time and you are committed to hitting your neighborhood gym. But if you know you have a busy work life, have issues with commitment and are only exercising for a short period of time, then it is best not to do intense work outs for your arms. Triceps and biceps take more time to develop, and once you have neglected it, fats are easier stored, causing you to have even more flab on the area than before.

If you still want to loose flabs on your arms and make it firmer, try simple exercises that you can do at home, like push ups. Also, focus on more important areas for strength such as your legs or choose an exercise that works out your entire body. You can also purchase home videos that you can watch and follow at home like Insanity. These work out videos have toning exercises and cardio exercises that runs for 30 to 40 minutes. Choose the best “episode” for your body and play it every morning as part of your morning routine.

Broomstick twist

This specific type of exercise is believed to lose flabs on the stomach area. It is done by placing a broomstick on the back of the shoulder and twisting the upper body from side to side. Twist exercises are not exactly the most effective way to lose belly fat. If you want washboard abs, try exercises that engages your core such as planking, sit ups or squats. You can also purchase work out video Hip Hop Abs. This dance work out video focuses on abdominal exercises that run between 30 to 40 minutes.

Another reason why exercises don’t work is because of unmanaged diet. No matter how much you exercise, if you do not watch what you eat, the calories that you lost from your work out will still be matched by your calorie intake. Remember, diet and exercise must work hand in hand.

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