Easy Ways to Control Food Intake

The road to being slimmer starts with eating right. It does not matter if you are exercising everyday, taking diet pills or simply praying every night to be miraculously thinner. You have to start eating healthy.

This does not just mean limiting the calories that you take. It also means reviewing your food history in order to understand why your body is this way right now.

What we recommend you to do is to list down what you eat – everything that you eat for the next two weeks. Even the lollipop on your way to work, your gourmet coffee before the big meeting. List these on your planner or have a diet sheet in your purse and write everything there.

After that, follow these tips on how you can limit your food intake so that you can slowly be on your way to a slimmer figure.

Limit your portions

You can always lessen the amount of food that you are eating. Follow these tips:

  • Cut your carbs or starch intake with every meal into half. Whether these are the mashed potatoes, the bread, the pasta or the paella. Just cut them into half.
  • Cut your meat portion into half, too. Or you can switch to lean meats like chicken breast, choice beef cuts or fish and then reduce them by ¼ so that the size is not that dramatic. You can afford this extra protein since they are low-fat protein options.
  • You can eat as much fruits and veggies that you like – use this to “fill” you up in a meal, as a replacement to your heavy starches.

Stop eating when you feel that you are ABOUT to be full, not when you are already full. Then drink a glass of water.

Eat twice as much fruit and veggies

Swap at least one snack in your day with a fruit or veggie-only option. For example, if you tend to snack in the middle of the day with chips, replace it with dried fruits like prunes or with nuts (which make you feel fuller faster!).

You can also have an all-fruit and dairy breakfast. A cup of youghurt and grapefruit is a good way to start the day.

Say no to midnight snacks!

Midnight snacks are the devil! Please do not succumb to that under any circumstance. Just drink a glass of water. If you want to add flavor to that, take carbonated water and add a slice of lemon to it. It’s like Sprite minus the sugar and the caffeine!

Say yes to heavy breakfast meals!

A heavy breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. This will sustain you throughout the day and will make you avoid taking unnecessary snacks if you eat them right.

It is ok to have lots of carbs during breakfast since you may be burning them during the whole day. Some sample healthy breakfast options for you:

  • Plain yoghurt with dried fruits and a glass of fresh fruit juice
  • Black coffee with bagel. Peanut butter is healthier than cream cheese, so stick to peanut butter instead.
  • Baked potatoes with well-drained slices of bacon plus a fresh fruit like an orange or an apple.

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