Dieters still Look for Coffee Bean Extract in Their Diet Pills

According to a popular weight loss website, among all the active ingredients for diet products, extract from the green coffee bean remains one of the more popular substances that their visitors look for. The writers of reported that a large number of their visitors follow and read blog posts tackling the subject of green coffee bean and its extract. Most also inquire about its benefits and where it can be bought.

Diet blog entries are such a hit

Since April 2012, when the website was launched, hundreds of weight-loss articles have been published by this company. Blog entries cover weight loss topics ranging from the best diet pills and reliable online sites to dangerous trends in dropping weight. It seems that the topic about losing unwanted weight is as popular as, if not more than, the latest news about Jonah Hill, Beyonce, and other celebrities. Their most frequented blog entries take on various issues regarding Nuratrim, Phen375, raspberry ketones, and many more diet products. The managers of the website discovered that among those diet product entries, the ones that receive the most traffic are the entries discussing coffee bean extract. One contributor claims that despite having written a few articles regarding certain retailers that are offering special discounts on weight loss products, the only entry that continued to gain a lot of hits is the one about green coffee bean extract. As it turns out, people care more about finding out where to buy green coffee bean extract capsules than getting huge discounts on other diet pills.

Proven benefits and celebrity endorsements made the green coffee bean extract the “it” ingredient

Green coffee bean extract has long been a go-to ingredient that is used by diet pill manufacturers. Clinical studies confirmed that taking supplements containing this ingredient indeed help in losing weight by burning off more fat. However, its effectiveness is not the only reason why thousands of dieters clamor to learn more about the product. What launched this extract into superstardom was its endorsement from the medical television program hosted by Dr. Oz. During one of the episodes, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a notable cardiothoracic surgeon, claimed that he recommends taking green coffee bean extract in capsule form. The reason why he is willing to stake his name on the effectiveness of the supplement is because it has been proven to help people lose at least seventeen pounds. He even cited on his website that the weight loss was only due to taking the extract. No exercise or changing of eating habits needed to be done. This simple endorsement led to thousands of dollars in sales for the new product. In just a few months, supplements containing the extract became one of the year’s dieting trends.

Green coffee bean extract supplements are different from other caffeine-based diet pills

The term coffee is often associated with caffeine. Therefore, it is very surprising that the weight loss benefits gleaned from the green coffee bean extract is not due to its caffeine content. In fact, one capsule containing this extract contains only one-fourth the caffeine content of an ordinary cup of coffee. The substance will not cause anxiety or jitteriness because it does not make the heart rate increase. Some studies even determined that the extract does the opposite of what stimulants do to the body. It can actually lower one’s blood pressure while helping improve the metabolism. The secret behind the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract is its Chlorogenic acid content. This natural compound works by controlling the glucose level in the body. It limits the release of this chemical while boosting the fat-burning capabilities. Combined, the properties prevent fat absorption plus reduce the chance of gaining more weight.

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