Diet Pills vs. Diet Plans

What is the Cohen diet? How different is it from South Beach, Atkins and Dukan? How can you lose weight with Cohen? Is this the right diet plan for you? Or are you better off taking diet pills?

Read our recommendations below but ultimately, you know your body best and it is up to you to decide if you are better of using a diet plan or taking diet pills.

Have you tried the Cohen diet?

The Cohen diet, formulated by Dr. Rami Cohen, is a personalized diet meal plan specifically formulated for you. Dr. Cohen believes that obesity is a disease and this is something that can be seen in your blood. After careful examination of your blood’s current state, the team of Dr. Cohen can determine what sort of food you should take and how you can lose weight by eating the right type of food groups.

With the Cohen diet, you don’t need to feel deprived of certain food types. As long as you are eating the right amount of food, you shouldn’t be gaining weight. In fact, a lot of Cohen success stories share that they can lose as 40 to 60 lbs. in less than half a year, exclusively due to the Cohen diet.

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To help give you an idea what sort of meal plans fit a Cohen diet, here are a few examples:

  • Chicken breast pan-seared or sautéed with cumin, turmeric and a bit of chili powder, mixed with asparagus or bell pepper
  • Grilled cod or salmon with a slice of lemon partnered with some fresh spinach leaves, yoghurt and tomatoes
  • Broccoli soup with grilled or broiled flank steak, matched with a 100-gram portion of pasta with wild mushrooms, zucchini and olive oil

It does not look so bad, right? In fact, a huge amount of Cohen’s success is due to the fact that the Cohen food is yummy. Even if you are not dieting, it is something that you can eat on a daily basis.

What weight loss strategy works for you?

The thing with the Cohen diet is that it can be a bit tedious to prepare. Some people even resort to food delivery services so that they don’t need to prepare their Cohen meals everyday. They just have it delivered to their office or to their home. You can imagine that this can be very expensive, especially if you are planning on maintaining your Cohen diet (as you should be).

So what other weight loss strategies are good for you?

  • Exercise. But not everyone has the time and the discipline to follow this through.
  • Eliminate fat sources such as cream, chocolate, fatty items like butter, burger, pizza and carb-loaded food such as bagel and cream cheese
  • Consider taking cosmetic surgery such as liposuction or mesotherapy.
  • Think about taking diet pills. Not all diet pills have harmful effects but make sure you can follow your doctor’s prescription so that you can avoid overdosing or harming your body.

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Pros and cons of a diet plan

The advantages of a diet plan are:

  • You can eat healthy meals while losing weight in the process
  • You are following carefully studied and formulated diet plans made by experts
  • Guaranteed to work if you follow the plan as much as possible

While the disadvantages of a diet plan are:

  • If you don’t follow instructions, you will see no results
  • A bit expensive especially when you need to be selective with your food intake
  • Not flexible in terms of food options. What if you have a meeting in a fast food? There’s nothing there that you can eat.
  • Greatly dependent on your will and self-discipline.

Pros and cons of using diet pills

If you are thinking of using diet pills, go over the advantages of using diet pills:

  • Fast and clearly evident results
  • Easy to follow – just take the pill as described
  • No need to exercise
  • No need to avoid food cravings
  • No need to starve yourself

While the drawbacks are:

  • Can be expensive (depending on the diet pill)
  • Diet pills may have side effects (although there are new formulations with minimal nuisances)
  • Some diet pills have specific instructions like you cannot take them before going to sleep, while you are under hormonal treatment or when you are pregnant.

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What sort of diet pills are out there right now?

There are diet pills that are available via prescription only. Usually, these are the more potent diet pills that are regulated by the FDA so that they are not abused. These quick-acting, temporary weight loss solutions are designed for those who are really obese and need to lose weight pronto (like 40 lbs. in a month).

There are over the counter diet pills what are suited for general use. These diet pills can be both synthetic or herb-based. Do a bit more research about the herb or all natural diet pills since these may just be vitamins masked as diet pills.

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