What is HCG?


HCG is the short word for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, it is called as the pregnancy hormone because it is the hormone that is responsible in determining or confirming the pregnancy of a hopeful mother. Either urine or blood pregnancy test, people can always see that HCG is existing because it is the primary component in the progression of the fertilized egg into a healthy baby. In the present time, scientists discovered that HCG is not only a pregnancy hormone that helps transmit the needed nutrients of the baby from the mother since it is found in the placenta, it is also applicable as a diet solution.


HCG is found to be a successful answer to all the worries of huge or over weight people. It helps the overweight individuals to attain their ultimate goal from being a XXXL Size to XL or L Size or even the smallest size. It is known to everyone that obesity is one of the primary causes of bereavements not only in one country but also for the entire world. It is included in the top ten lists of most common causes of deaths because many people neglect their eating habits and their weight. They did bother to monitor their food consumption and health maybe due to some reasons such as stress and depression. But with the latest development in minimizing obesity, HCG is believed to be one of the possible solutions. It will be helpful because it lessens the person’s appetite. If the person has a suppressed appetite, it will make him or her to eat less and to slow down her weight gain. It will also help the person to correct his eating habit like instead of eating six times a day with heavy meals they will learn how to eat rightly with only three main meals. Aside from inhibited appetite, the hormones will also speed up the metabolism of a person. It simple means that it digests the food intakes of the individual easier and faster. It also aids in dissolving fats.


There are several stored fats in the human body such as in the Belly area, Thighs, Butt, Cheeks and arms. These are the areas visible in the public that makes the consumer feel very conscious because they will feel they are really big or fat. With the intake of HCG, it will help them to fade their cognizant away. But HCG will only work if the individual is following the accompanied diet. The consumer should be committed to the program in order to make the plan successful. If the person neglected the said diet, HCG will not work accurately. Only one thing that may mess up the program will result to a failure diet. So the consumer when deciding to loss some pounds off from his or her body should really be very strict in obeying all the rules and he or she must not cheat. It all depends on the person on how he or she wants the HCG to be administered. The individual has options to have it through HCG Injections or HCG Drops. These products are genuinely possesses HCG and it is their main component or ingredient.

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