Understanding HCG

If you are not familiar to the meaning or what does the acronym HCG means, you are not only because there are several individuals who are left in the dark about this issue. There are citizens when asked what is HCG they cannot give a proper answer about it or they will just give you a wild guess answer or simply a nod. While there are maybe a few people who may know what does HCG stands for but they do not clearly understand what it is for. HCG is the acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and it is normally found in pregnant women particularly in its placenta. An expected mom can really confirm her pregnancy by using a pregnancy test and HCG is the key in determining if it is positive or negative.


HCG is usually detected within ten days of pregnancy. Since it is formed in the placenta of an expected Mom, it is used in helping the fertilized egg to further develop and conceal more nutrients from the mother. HCG is also known as the pregnancy hormone because the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, it starts to secret HCG and as the pregnancy continues it upsurges quickly. If the levels of HCG drops or it is too low it simple means that the pregnancy did not progress or the soon to be mom has experience a miscarriage but if the level is below the normal rate then it may lead to an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is a type of pregnancy where the egg developed outside the uterus of the mother.


But with the continues and extensive research about HCG, scholars found out that the pregnancy hormone is also designed to help overweight or heavy people to loss appropriate pounds that will suit their body figure and posture. HCG is used as a diet pill or powder or injectable that will aid its customers to get their ideal or target weight. It will be the answer you are finding for a long time because it will give you a definite result. You will be able to see that you are adept to cut off some inches from your normal size. Taking the HCG diet pills, powder or injectable is formulated for an elongated time meaning to say its effect lasts for a lengthy period of time. HCG comes in different forms that are designed to meet your needs. There are the HCG Drops or Homeopathic HCG and HCG Injections. HCG Drops comes into two types and these are the bottled HCG and the HCG kit or HCG Powder. The bottled HCG is the kind of diet drink that is ready for consumption. It is already mixed with sterilized water and is placed in a bottle for packaging while the HCG Powder is a kit that obliges you to do the mixing or preparation. Then the HCG Injections come in an ampoule where you are required to administer the right dosage. It typically comes with 3 ampoules of 1,500 i.u or 2 ampoules of 5,000 i.u. Hence HCG is just an alternative solution for your excess fats and to guide you to reach your ideal figure in an easy way.

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