Phentramin-d FAQ

It is natural to have lots of questions before taking any form of medication either for you or for someone else. But before you contact the pill’s manufacturers, it can do you good to do some research, especially online, for some of the frequently asked questions or FAQ’s.

Here are some of the more significant FAQ’s related to Phentramin-D. Phentramin-d is a popular diet pill that is available for purchase over the counter, unlike most other potent diet pills. Find out why it is over the counter and if you are the perfect candidate for this.

What is Phentramin-D and how is it different from other diet pills?

Phentramin-D is the over the counter alternative to the popular Phentermine. Most people do not want to take phentermine because:

  • It is avaialble through a prescription only
  • It has harsh side effects
  • It is expensive

While Phentramin-d does away with all those negative aspects. It is just as potent, making you lose around 15 pounds for the first month of use. It is also mild to your body and does not produce the same intensity of side effects. Some people still experience some but this is rarely the case with Phentramin-D. That’s what sets it apart.

Another thing that sets it apart is that it is cheaper than most commercially available, effective diet pills. Of course you will be taking this pill for several weeks and you should be able to buy your supply comfortably, to last you the maximum limit of 12 weeks of Phentramin-D treatment.

I am already taking another diet pill – can I take Phentramin-D, too?

It is not advisable to take another diet pill while you are on Phentramin-D. You are endangering yourself of overdosing. If you are not happy with how your weight loss is progressing with Phentramin-d (which is rarely the case), just consult with your doctor if he should up your dosage. Or considering pumping yourself with some exercises to help it work more.

Whatever you do, do not take more than one diet pill each day because the consequences can be very damaging and dangerous.

Is it safe to take on a daily basis?

Yes! Phentramin-d is designed to be taken once a day – its effects wear off towards the end of a 24-hour cycle. It is also designed to be taken for a maximum of 12 weeks, to give your body some time to “rest” in between treatments. This means that the effects of Phentramin-d are temporary and are therefore, good for daily use within that 12-week cycle.

What people like the most about Phentramin-D is that not only is it more affordable than the usual diet pills, it is also easy to avail of. You can even buy it from reputable sellers from online pharmacies because the US FDA has approved of its sale without a need for a prescription. Of course, it is still good to get in touch with your doctor should you want advise on how to take it or if you have other health precautions that you need to be reminded of.

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