Phentermine Dosage

Part of being a responsible person is knowing how much of your medication you should take and when. This is why prescriptions from your doctor are important because it comes with the directions and instructions on how you should take the pills.

For example, if you are taking the popular diet pill Phentermine, there are a couple of reminders as to how to specifically take it, which is detailed below. As you know, phentermine is a powerful weight loss drug, often used as a “go to” drug whenever someone desperately needs to lose a lot of weight in just three to four weeks. This type of power does not come without drawbacks and that is why taking Phentermine must be done with utmost care.

What is Phentermine and how do you take it?

Phentermine is an anorectic drug, designed to make your body feel like you are in a state of emergency. This triggers the production of adrenaline, the hormone responsible for supplying you with energy by means of burning stored fat cells in your body. This also means that your appetite is suppressed since you are in this emergency mode.

Since Phentermine is like a bolt of energy running through your body, it must be taken first thing in the morning or as farthest away from your regular sleeping time as possible, so that you minimize sleep disturbances.

You should also take Phentermine as a whole tablet – do nto chew or worse, cut it up into smaller pieces since this destroys the time-release mechanism built in the single tablet.

Typical dosage and administration of Phentermine

Usually, a single 37.5 mg or sometimes even the 30 mg tablet, is enough for one day’s effect. The effect of the drug is good for one day only, so you need not fear that it is TOO powerful. You can only take phentermine for a maximum of 12 weeks only so that you do not further endanger yourself from overdose. Besides, being a cousin of the amphetamines, it has the tendency to be addictive so you must only take the minimum dosage required at all times.

Symptoms of an overdose

In case you suspect that you are overdosing, watch out for the following symptoms: difficulty in breathing, very rapid pulse rate, cold sweating, signs of dehydration (sunken eyes, very dry skin, falling hair), extreme sleeplessness or constant insomnia, sever mood swings, excessive vomiting and an appearance of an allergic rash or hives.

If you see any of these symptoms, contact your physician immediately. Go to the emergency room and take lots of fluids with you to minimize dehydration. If the list of side effects scared you, there is a way to get the same positive effects of Phentermine without the scary side effects.

Phentramin-d is the over the counter alternative to this. With no need for a prescription, you can buy it anywhere at anytime. This also means you can legally buy it from online stores and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

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