Phendimetrazine and Pregnancy


Phendimetrazine is a prescription drug that helps people to correct their bad eating habits such as being a gluttonous and binge eater. It regulates the taste buds of the person. It makes the individual’s food cravings, hunger and thirst less. It is a strong drug that can lead to dependence or addiction.


If a woman is planning to have a baby or is currently pregnant, taking Phendimetrazine is not an advisable thing because there are no studies or researched have proven that it is actually safe to take and vice versa. It is a diet medicine that can create miracles in the first week of usage. It can effortlessly change the person’s appetite. It can definitely shave off the unwanted fats of the consumers. But during pregnancy, it is not the time to be intimidated and conscious about your body figure. It is the time to be in good shape and very healthy but not to the point of being overweight and obese. Pregnancy is not an easy feat. Everyone is not given the privilege to conceive and give birth to a bouncing baby because of several underlying health issues or it’s the person’s decision to abandon motherhood. Pregnancy is the phase where you will be carrying a baby inside your tummy and you need to nourish it and not to neglect it from all the nutrients it needs. So taking Phendimetrazine while on the stage of being an expectant mom is not a good suggestion or idea because it may harm the development of your baby. It may cause you to regret in the end if you find out after giving birth that your baby is experiencing a severe health problem or a birth defect.


Phendimetrazine is under the family of Amphetamines. Amphetamines are medicines that specialize in making people more awake, focus or high. It gives the people the additional energy it needs. By simply knowing these facts, it is easy to conclude that Phendimetrazine if it is over used or abused, it may lead to a serious health problem and addiction. It may cause the person to develop Cardiovascular Diseases like high blood pressure. So during pregnancy, if the person will try to take this diet pill, it may lead to high blood pressure and faster heartbeats or rates. If these things happen to a conceiving woman, it may affect the baby. It may have a bad result to the fetus’ progression or the sad thing is it may lead to a miscarriage.


It is really worthwhile to ask for your Doctor’s opinion first regarding the usage of Phendimetrazine during Pregnancy because it might at stake not only your life but your baby’s future also. It will not cause you any harm to anyone if you inquire the benefits you will get once you are under the diet program or if you need it. But if you are a pregnant woman who has a normal body weight and body mass index, your Doctor will not give you a go signal to use Phendimetrazine. On the other hand, if you are increasing more weight or exceeding to the average weight gain of a Pregnant lady, your Doctor may discuss several options for you to stay fit like doing some exercise and avoiding sweets. If it come to a point that you failed to lose weight then that is the time that your Doctor may consider using a diet medicine. But careful and watchful in taking any drugs because you may pass the drugs to the baby while it is inside your womb.

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