Insomia and Adipex

What is Adipex?

Millions of overweight men and women have tried various weight loss methods over the years. Some are effective while others have zero or minimal effect. One of the few methods that are highly recommended by both dieters and doctors is taking diet pills. These wonder drugs work best for people who cannot start workout regimens yet and have trouble cutting back on their food intake. It is a proven effective way to ease into a diet plan. One of the more popular diet drugs is called Adipex. Almost every online pharmacy carries this small, white tablet. To buy it, one has to present or purchase a prescription.

Can Adipex cause insomnia?

Diet pills get a bad rap from people trying them out because most are reported to cause restlessness. In fact, it can become so severe that a person taking Adipex often finds it hard to fall asleep. Some even resort to taking sleeping medications just to get some shut eye. The reason for this is the drugs composition. It is, in fact, an amphetamine. This type of substance acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system. Thus, the body feels awake all the time. The actual number of people who experience insomnia due to Adipex is still unknown however it is likely that there would be some insomnia complaints that are valid.

How do you avoid sleeplessness while taking Adipex?

There are times when a few incidence of insomnia is less important than the amount of weight that a person can lose by taking the diet pill. If stopping the medication is not an option, there are ways to minimize its side effect in order to be able to sleep at night. The first step is to check if you really have insomnia. A few signs of this condition are taking a long time to fall asleep and feeling tired upon waking up in the morning. Another is waking up several times or waking up too early. Once you have established that you suffer from these symptoms, determine if it is Adipex that is causing them. Once this has been done, try to make a few adjustments in the way that you take the diet pill. For instance, make sure to take it as early in the morning as possible. This way, the active substance will have sufficient time to get out of your system before bedtime. Make sure that your body is relaxed as well. Do not exercise before going to bed. If it is necessary, be sure to do it at least a couple of hours before your regular sleeping time. The same is true for heavy meals. Your body will remain alert if it needs to digest so much food. Try not to drink or eat items that contain a lot of caffeine. Avoid nicotine and alcohol as well. These will definitely keep you up even if you don’t take Adipex. It can help if you do relaxing and quiet activities that will encourage your body to calm down. These activities are reading, bathing, and listening to soothing music.

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