How to Use Phentramin-d

Phentramin-d is a new and yet tried and tested diet pill that has been very popular lately due to its fast weight loss effects. It has built a reputation of delivering what it has promised without the usual pains of too much side effects or an empty wallet (it is cheaper than most as effective drugs).

If you want to consider taking Phentramin-d as your diet pill, go over the information below so that you can have a better idea if this is the pill for you.

What is Phentramin-D?

Phentramin-D is an anorectic drug that mimics the rapid weight loss effects of the older Phentermine. Phentermine has quite a reputation but unfortunately, it also has a reputation for harsh side effects. The formulation of Phentramin-d was done in such a way that the good stuff, the very fast and effective weight loss capability is still there without too much of the harsh side effects (if any, at all).

This means that you can trust the pill to make you drop those 15 pounds in a month, without the usual irritability, insomnia, dizzy spells and the like. You should also expect that your appetite will be suppressed, plus you will be burning more fat cells thatn you normally would. This is the natural effect of the anorectic Phentramin-D.

Dosage and administration

Phentramin-D is usually given once a day, during the start of the day. One of the natural side effects of Phentramin-D is hyperactivity (because you are being supplied with so many calories from all the fat burning) so in order to avoid that disrupting your sleeping pattern, you should take this pill on the onset of your day.

Preferably taken on an empty stomach, you should not mix this with any other diet pill or worse, crush the pill or chew it. Phentramin-d was designed to be slowly released in your system while it dissolves in your tummy so you should not break that mechanism by crushing or cutting the pill.

It is in an easy to swallow tablet form that is good to be taken by most people even those who have allergic reactions to other drugs (although it is still best to check with your doctor).

Special precautions and overdose warnings

What you should remember, like in any other drug, that this pill is not for everyone. If you are at risk of one of the following issues, you should be very careful when taking Phentramin-D. especially since this is anon-prescription drug, there’s no one accountable for your dosage but yourself.

  • Previous incidents of heart problems, heart palpitations, surgery or cardiac arrest
  • Suspicion of hormonal imbalances like a hyperactive thyroid, diabetes or being treated for estrogen levels etc.
  • History of severe allergic reaction to drugs

If you suspect an overdose, say you skipped a dose and then you doubled the next day for a few consecutive days, be wary of symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, extreme palpitations, appearance of hives or rashes plus a flushed look coupled with signs of dehydration. Go to the emergency room at once and have someone contact your physician for immediate treatment.

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