How Phentramin-d Works

imageAren’t you curious about how things work? From the smallest, simplest things like the locks in your house to larger, more complex ones like your lawn mower. The same goes for medication – how do they work and how do they achieve the results that they promise to deliver?

Before taking any diet pills, for example, it is your very own responsibility to know how they work and how they will affect your body. It’s just like doing your homework before settling with a car or a house or even the school of your kids. Especially since these diet pills can be pretty powerful since they are expected to deliver stunning results in just a few weeks.

One of the most popular diet pills these days is Phentramin-D – it is an over the counter pill that most people are questioning if it is effective at all. Read on to find out.

Phentramin-D – what is it and how does it work?

imageTo set the record straight, you need to get to know Phentramin-d more. Phentramin-d mimics the effects of the more popular Phentermine diet pills. That is, it functions as an anorectic drug that makes you forget to eat, to put it simply. It suppresses your appetite and at thee same time, makes your body burn more fat cells than needed, falsely reading your body’s hormonal levels as if it is on an emergency mode. This is normally called the “fight or flight” mode.

With this very effective combination, you get to burn more fat than you normally would and then not eat so much so you really have no where else to go but to lose weight.

Benefits and side effects

imageTo make things simple, you can read the list of benefits while on Phentramin-D, along with some reminders on how to take it to minimize side effects (although it is common knowledge that you rarely get side effects with phentramin-d).

  • Lose as much as a pound per day on the onset of treatment
  • Lose around 15 pounds per month while on Phentramin-d

You should:

Drink lots of water while on Phentramin-d so that you will not feel dehydrated (the elevated body temperature can make you sweat more or use up your water levels)

Not crush the phentramin-d pill or cut it into half for a “smaller” dose.

Take it immediately after waking up so that your regular sleeping pattern will not be disrupted.

When Phentramin-D is not right for you

imageAlthough Phentramin-D may not be perfect for anyone, as every drug has its own limitations. You should ask for your doctor’s approval for the use of Phentramin-d (even if it is over the counter) if you have:

  • A history of heart failure, disease or any irregularity with your heart’s function
  • A history of hormonal imbalance like thyroid issues or even diabetes
  • A history of drug abuse, since this can be mildly addicting
  • A history of drug allergies, just to be on the safe side.

If you can relate to any one of these things, you should just drop by your doctor’s clinic to get an a-ok sign to use this diet pill.

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