How HCG Works


After conducting several studies about HCG, you are now ready to use this product that will help you attain your ideal weight and size. With all the restaurants and sumptuous foods to choose from, people are always tempted to eat and sometimes may lead to binge eating and gluttony. People tend to neglect their eating habits and then they will be sadden by the fact that they are already too heavy or overweight. But being obese is not a problem nowadays, HCG as a diet solution works well and will be of help to give you the fabulous figure you have been targeting for. Some people are having a hard time loosing weight like those women who just gave birth or severely huge individuals, they tend to do crash diets and starve themselves to death. They thought that by doing those things will give them an instant and good result and healthy but they are all wrong. Unlike with the help of HCG, in a few weeks of waiting, you will be able to see that you have lost several pounds from your former weight.


Using HCG is safe and will deliver you the result you want to achieve. The way HCG works is easy and is simple as one, two and three. Once you administer HCG in your body either orally or through an injection, you will be able to burn your stagnant fats right away since the said product will aid you in decreasing your appetite and increasing your metabolism. It will also correct the hypothalamus.


Hypothalamus is a part of the brain where it is located near the thalamus and brain stem. It is responsible for all the emotions that people feel and for the metabolic processes because it is connected to the Nervous system and Endocrine system. It controls the cravings, thirst, body temperature and sleep of an individual. With the encouragement of HCG, if the person has a hypothalamus dysfunction, it will be fixed and it will send signals to the nerves to regulate the hunger of the patient. While under the HCG diet program, you will be able to burn at least two thousand calories or an equivalent of one pound per day. You do not need to do extreme exercises such as doing one hundred push ups, running in the Treadmill for hours and lifting heavy dumbbells. Following the strict diet of five hundred calories per day will surely make you loss weight. Then the normal usage of HCG is twenty three to forty dosages. After following the diet with strict compliance, you can now slowly go back to your usual eating habits but excluding very sweet, salty and fattening foods. Being a healthy eater is a decision you need to compel wholeheartedly for the reason that it is your life that is at stake. But after using the HCG and you return to your old self of pigging out every night, your sacrifice will be meaningless and you just wasted your time and money. When you reached your goal of being fit and sexy, you need to continue what you have started to maintain your figure and healthy state.

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