hCG Side Effects

Ever heard of HCG? This is a type of hormone that is normally seen on a person who is pregnant. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It protects the embryo in the womb of the woman. A famous British doctor named Albert Simeons studied pregnant women and discovered that a person who has high levels of HCG in her body is more likely to lose weight. HCG is said to suppress a person from hunger. It sends a signal to the brain, which decides and controls your appetite.
From the studies of Dr.Simeons, experts were able to devise products called HCG products to help people lose weight. These are very strong and effective. Consumers would only have to use them for a few weeks to get good results on their bodies. They may lose an average of .5 to 3 lbs. a day together with a low calorie diet. Doing light exercises daily would also help the product do its part on your body.

Types of HCG Products:

There are different types of HCG products that you may use. These include HCG drops, HCG injections and powdered HCG. The most convenient type is HCG drops. You would only need to use an ample amount underneath your tongue before each meal. The product would help speed up your metabolism and help you discipline yourself in regards to food intake. It would give you a feeling of satisfaction even though you haven’t eaten anything yet. HCG injections would only have to be used once a day since it would go directly to your body with the use of a syringe. As for powdered HCG, you would only mix it in your drink to get the same effect as the others.

HCG Tolerable Side Effects

HCG products have already been proven to be effective when it comes to weight loss programs, but there are a few reports about them leaving side effects on consumers. The reason behind these is because there are consumers who misuse the products and over dose themselves. Here’s a list of some tolerable side-effects you may get from HCG products:

  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pains
  • Headache

HCG products would only work if the consumers are using them and staying on a low calorie diet. The consumers would have to stay away from foods that are high on carbohydrates or sugar. Just because their going on a diet, doesn’t mean they should skip meals. Skipping meals may give them the above mentioned side effects.
HCG injections may also leave side effects because of the method of getting the product into your system. Using syringes with needles are quite risky, which is why you have to have someone professional to inject HCG products into your system. If you are not knowledgeable about this method, let your physician do it for you or at least get instructions from this person. You may get blood clots and bruises if you do it incorrectly.
If you have a medical condition and you’re taking drugs for your treatment, you have to consult your physician about using HCG products. The medications you are taking may contradict the effect of the HCG products or vice versa. You may also have allergies in any of the contents of HCG products, which is why you need to consult your physician to make sure that it’s alright for you to use them.

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