hCG Injections

HCG is a type of hormone normally produced by pregnant women. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. According to the studies of Dr. Albert Simeons, a famous British endocrinologist, women who have high levels of this hormone have more chances of losing weight. HCG helps people suppress their hunger and appetite by stimulating the brain to eat less food.
Doctors and experts were able to create weight loss products from the studies of Dr.Simeons. These are called HCG products. They come in different types: hcg drops, packets of powdered hcg and hcg injections. They are all effective in making people lose weight, but they differ in dosages.
HCG injections are very popular because they are convenient to use. You would need to use a syringe for you to inject the product underneath your skin through your veins or directly to your muscles. You may do this task at home by yourself, but it would be much better to have your physician inject the product for you. If you wish to lessen your visits to your doctor, you may just ask for instructions on how to do it.

HCG injections are perfect for:

People who wish to lose weight in a fast pace. It is also recommended to those who are suffering from obesity.

HCG injections are not for:

People who only wish to trim down a bit. It is not advisable to use HCG injections if you just want to get rid of a few pounds from your body. HCG products are very strong and you would be losing a lot of weight even on your first week of usage.

Proven Results of HCG Injections:

  • You would be losing weight in no time. You would lose from .5 to 3 lbs a day if you stay on a low calorie diet and do some light exercises a day.
  • You would have faster metabolism. You would be releasing body wastes immediately, which means that fewer fats would remain in your body.
  • This would boost up your energy level, allowing you to do more physical activities that would help you trim down some fats.
  • Suppresses your appetite. This way, you can control your cravings on food that would make you gain more pounds.

Buy HCG Injections if:

You want to lose weight instantly. This product would only be used for a few weeks (about six weeks.) Even on your first week of using the product, you would notice a big difference on your weight. As long as you discipline yourself on having a low calorie diet, the product would work well on your body. It may even help you control yourself after the six week duration.

Do not buy HCG injections if:

You are pregnant. Your body is already producing HCG hormones; you don’t need to use HCG injections to help you lose weight. This might also create side effects on your child. You shouldn’t also buy HCG injections without talking to your physician first. This may not be the correct approach for your weight loss program.
There are many shops online that sell HCG products because some consumers find it more convenient to purchase items online. If you wish to purchase these weight loss products, you have to choose wisely because there are some websites that sell products, which are not authentic. Consult your physician for suggestions on this.

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