hCG Hormone

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone normally produced by a woman who is pregnant. Dr. Albert Simeons, a famous British doctor who studied pregnant women in India learned that women who have a large amount of HCG in their bodies have higher chances of losing weight. The reason behind this is because the HCG hormones send signals to the brain, which controls the hunger of the person. It suppresses the person from eating too much. It makes the person think that she’s full even when she hasn’t eaten anything yet.
Because of the studies of Dr.Simeons, experts were able to create products that contain HCG, which may be used to help people who are suffering from obesity. These are called HCG products and they may be used by either male or female consumers.

Who should Take HCG Products?

HCG products were made to help people who are suffering from obesity or about to suffer from it. These products are suited for those who would like to trim down fats immediately. You would only need to use it for six weeks together with a low calorie diet to lose a lot of pounds. The average amount of weight loss is .5 to 3 lbs. a day if the person strictly follows the diet program. The consumer has to stay away from food that has too much sugar or carbohydrates for the product to take its effect.

Who should Not Use HCG Products?

HCG products were created for those people who would like to lose a lot of weight, not for those who would just like to lose a few pounds. Since HCG does a big difference to your body if you use it, it is not recommended to those who only need to trim down a little fat. Pregnant women and nursing moms should not use these products because this may have side effects on her child.
If you wish to use HCG products for your weight loss program, you should consult your doctor about this because you may have allergies with the content of the drugs. If you have a medical condition, it would really be necessary to inform your physician first before you purchase products like these.

Types of HCG Products:

There are different types of HCG products that you may choose from: HCG drops, HCG injections and powdered HCG. The most popular type is the HCG drops. You would have to use an ample amount and place them underneath your tongue 30 minutes to an hour before every meal then you have to swallow it after. This would suppress your hunger and control your appetite. HCG injections are stronger when it comes to dosages. You would only need to use it once a day. You would need a syringe to inject the product underneath your skin. It would have the same effect as HCG drops, but it is much more risky. Lastly, powdered HCG would be mixed in your drink so you can get the product into your system. It also works the same way as the others.

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