hCG Diet Guide


In today’s time, there are many foods and recipes that emerged and along with the continuous development of foods, ailments also progresses. While many things in the present time evolve, diet plans, solutions, drinks or pills sprouted to aid the people from being sick and in keeping their healthy body. Many companies claimed that they have effective products in making people’s body slim & fit without the help of any machines like the ones seen in the gyms or without undergoing any surgeries. Indeed these products assist people to be sexy but others are not giving the 100% result. But in the case of HCG, it is proven by experts that it gives you what it has promised which is to make you look great, feel good, fab and healthy. In a few weeks time, you will surely see the results you have been waiting for.


On the other hand like any diet solutions or medicines, HCG will be efficient if the person is willing to change his or her lifestyle three hundred sixty degrees turn. The person should be very engaged to the HCG because one mistake will lead to the downfall of the program. While taking HCG either by Drops, orally or Injections, there is a proper diet to follow strictly. The usual diet is a very low calorie diet. Meaning you need to cut off your calorie intake such as rice, white breads and pastas. Some says you only need 500 calories per day for this kind of diet for you to loss one to two pounds per day with the HCG intake. Before proceeding to the diet you need to consult a health professional first to check if you are qualified to do HCG because pregnant women and lactating women are not allowed to go on a diet since it may harm the development of the baby. People with illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes may not be allowed. But once you are cleared from any health problems, you need to prepare yourself first.


You need to know what are the foods you should avoid and not. But do not cut off your calories intake right away because your body might not have a good reaction to it. Its better to do it gradually like lessening it per day.

1. After your preparation you can now start to administer HCG slowly. It depends on how many times your intake is because there are drops that require two to three times a day while the injections require a 125 to 200 i.u.

2. Once you are established with the program you can now do the very low calorie diet or you only need 500 calories per day because with this kind of method it will help you to dissolve fats easily.

3. After you finished the three weeks grace period with the use of HCG, you can simply go back to your normal eating habits but with healthier options.

4. If you are able to reach your desired weight and figure you can stop using HCG for a while then just continue monitoring your health with the support of regular exercise and better food consumptions.

5. Being well disciplined and responsible are the keys to make your HCG Diet achievable.

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