Generic Phentermine

Are you familiar with the diet pill Phentermine? Phentermine is not just a diet pill in itself, it is a major component in other diet pills. Think of it as a paracetamol. There are pills that are completely made of Phentermine alone and there are those that use it as an additive.

Phentermine packs a combination of being an appetite suppressant and an energy-boosting diet pill. The energy boost comes from the burning of fat cells in your body, which is detailed in the sections below.

Phentermine – composition and effects

Phentermine is essentially an anorectic drug, with its full name Phentermine hydrochloride. It is often on its 37.5 mg dosage and is marketed under different brand names like Adipex.

Since phentermine is an anorectic drug, there are a couple of side effects that signals its working in your body. These are:

  • Increased heart rate or an elevated blood pressure reading
  • Increased body temperature because of the burning of fat cells into calories
  • Possible dehydration
  • Insomnia, restlessness and a general feeling of anxiety
  • Dizziness and nausea

But while these may sound discouraging, Phentermine has an excellent track record in making you lose weight. For example, it is normal for Phentermine users to lose as much as a pound per day or an average of 5 pounds a week. This is most commonly seen on your first month of using the pill.

That is some very rapid effects compared to other diet pills, that is why it is so in demand and so popular.

Who should take Phentermine?

Because of the speed of the effect of Phentermine to its patients, people are warned of its potency. It is definitely not for everyone. It is for those who really need to lose a lot of weight in a very short amount of time. An example of which is an obese person who needs to reach a certain weight before he can get operated on. There are those who need to shed off the excess poundage to jump start weight training.

Extra precaution is also given to those who have a history of drug abuse (since it can be addicting), heart problems, hormonal imbalance and for those who suspect that they might be pregnant.

Phentermine pro’s and cons

If you are not sure if you should take Phentermine, here is a summary of pro’s and cons that you can heavily consider:


  • Very fast weight loss effect
  • Helps you suppress your appetite so there’s no worry about you eating your way as a reward for all the lost weight
  • FDA approved and regulated
  • Comes in easy to take pills


  • Quite harsh side effects
  • Available only via a valid prescription

If you want the same pro’s of Phentermine but want it available over the counter, the good news is that you can take Phentramin-D. It has the same formulation, albeit a gentler one, so that you lose the side effects significantly, if not entirely. This also means that it is available online since you can get it over the counter.

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