Adipex Side Effects

Adipex – how does it work?

Diet pills come in many forms and function. The more popular forms act as a metabolism booster and appetite suppressor. The diet pill called Adipex promises both these functions. It directly works on the person’s hormonal centers so that more calories are used up by the body. This is done by quickening the heart rate and subsequently raising the pressure of the blood circulation. Its main ingredient is also known as a powerful stimulus so the body is really geared to be more active so that it can burn more fats. Additionally, the brain is fooled into thinking that the stomach is full so that the person does not feel so hungry. If one eats less frequently, he or she is likely to consume fewer calories. The combination of these functions promises a loss of at least three pounds every week. Unfortunately, the diet drug also comes with a host of problems for the body.

Common side effects and extreme cases

Side effects are common when one takes any drug. Adipex users have reported negative reactions to the drug. The most commonly reported drawback of taking this diet pill is that it affects the sleeping patterns. More specifically, it can keep one awake for days. Since the heart rate becomes faster, it is natural for the user to feel some form of anxiety or restlessness. In some cases, Adipex users feel tremors on their extremities. The problem arises when the restlessness doesn’t wane during bedtime. To avoid experiencing insomnia, the manufacturers ask the users to take the last day’s dosage at least six hours before one’s regular sleeping time. It is also necessary to stay away from tea, coffee, or sodas. Heart and blood circulation problems are also common for Adipex users. Irregularities in the pulse or heart beat are often reported. Because a diet pill user will undergo changes in his or her eating habits, it is also common for them to encounter problems with digestions. LBM or diarrhea is just an example of such problems. These problems are mild and easily solved by making minor adjustments in your lifestyle. Unfortunately, Adipex comes with more serious side effects that cannot be solved without the assistance of a doctor. It would require immediate medical action as well. One of such is an allergic reaction to the active and inactive ingredients of the drug. Being allergic to Adipex is rare but possible. The signs to watch out for are rashes, swelling, itching, swallowing and breathing difficulties. The symptoms are very similar to pulmonary hypertension, which can also occur when one takes Adipex. The specific signs of hypertension are fainting, shortness of breath, weakness, inflammation of different body parts, and having blue tinges on the skin or lips.

When to stop taking Adipex

When one experiences the mentioned extreme or severe side effects, it is necessary to immediately stop taking the diet pill and go see a doctor. Additionally, since the drug is prescribed for a maximum of twelve weeks only, once the period is up, it is time to stop taking Adipex. The doctor will begin giving lower dosages of the diet pill after a few weeks of use to allow the body to adjust.

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