Adipex FAQ

Who should take Adipex?

Originally, the diet pills that are being taken by people nowadays were meant only for individuals suffering from obesity. In recent years, people who are not yet classified as obese but are tired of going to the gym and counting calories yet still fail to lose enough weight turn to these pills in order to get rid of those hard-to-burn fat cells. One of the pills that are often prescribed by doctors to their overweight patients is Adipex. Adipex is a drug that has Phentermine HCL, it dampens the hunger pangs enabling the individual to eat less without experiencing severe pains. The diet pill also claims to provide extra energy so that the dieter can take on more physical activities. The lessening of food consumption and undertaking of fat-burning exercises result to huge weight reduction in a very short time.
Because of the extra weight and other health complications, severely obese individuals cannot perform strenuous exercises nor restrict their diet too much. These reasons make them the ideal user of Adipex. Other people who can benefit from this type of weight-loss method are those suffering from heart diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. One of the considerations that a person should think about is that Adipex does not provide any muscle-toning benefits. It only aids in losing the excess pounds. If the individual wishes to have a ripped body, then this is not the right weight loss supplement for him.

What are the typical side effects of Adipex?

First time users and people who are interested in trying out diet pills are wary of possible side effects. Because of the bad feedback that most banned diet pills received, individuals who are trying to lose weight have become very particular in assessing whether any new diet pill is safe or not. Just like any other drug, Adipex can also cause some side effects. The most commonly reported ones are:

1. Mouth dryness due to dehydration
2. Inability to settle down or fall asleep
3. Allergic reaction such as inflammation of the tongue, throat, lips, and face
4. Irregularities in bowel movement
5. Irritability or euphoria
6. Increased heart rate and blood pressure

Doctors and diet experts claim that most of the side effects of Adipex tend to diminish after a few days of use. It is important to note that the drug is safe if it is used according to the prescription. Any deviation from the prescribed dosage and ingestion will result to the problems mentioned above.

Is it safe to use for pregnant women?

Another consideration that people, particularly women, factor in when they try out new diet methods is whether it is safe for those who are pregnant. Since the person undergoes changes, both physically and emotionally, when a woman carries a baby, she tends to react differently to chemical substances as compared to when she is not pregnant. This is why the manufacturer stresses the importance of consulting the doctor before taking Adipex.

Women who are already suffering from a difficult pregnancy can be placed in more danger if she experiences any of the side effects particularly the increased blood pressure. It can lead to serious complications and even miscarriage.

The chemicals from Adipex enter the mother’s blood when it is ingested. The baby inside the womb, in turn, also gets exposed to the diet drug. Besides having a faster-than-normal heart rate that can put undue stress on his or her tiny body, the babies tend to have lower weight when they get born. This is why mothers are advised not to take diet pills during their pregnancy. The only time a pregnant woman is advised to take Adipex is when her weight, and its accompanying complications, can put her pregnancy in more danger. Otherwise, it is best to stop taking the drug and simply resume after the baby has been born. Better yet, look for an alternative to taking the dangerous diet drug. There are other diet pills out there that can be safely taken even while pregnant. This drug is Phentramin-D. It provides the same weight-loss benefits without the daunting side effects.

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