Adipex and Pregnancy

Adipex – what is it?

Adipex and PregnancyPhentermine HCL or hydrochloride is a powerful appetite suppressor and metabolism booster. It had a somewhat shady past because it was often paired with the notorious drug, fenfluramine. The powerful combination was successful in making people lose weight but the side effects were extreme and it resulted to several deaths. However, after conducting studies, the FDA deemed Phentermine to be safe so it continued to thrive in the diet pill market. Currently, it is the main ingredient in numerous diet pills like Ionamin, Duromine, and Adipex. Of the three, the latter is the most popular. Adipex promises to help an overweight individual shed pounds quickly by boosting the metabolism and restricting the appetite for food. However, these benefits have corresponding negative reactions.

Adipex and Pregnancy

Adipex and PregnancySome doctors have been known to prescribe Adipex to women who are trying to have a baby. Their rationale is that it is better to keep the weight down while they are still in the safe period. However, once the woman learns that she is pregnant, the doctors often advise them to quit taking Adipex immediately. This arrangement may work for some women, however, there are also cases when drugs that directly affect the central nervous system cause the follicular phase of a woman. In short, it makes it harder for a woman to get pregnant. Plus, there is an increased chance of suffering from a miscarriage. In short, if you are trying to get pregnant and weight is not much of a deterrent, it may be better for you to stop taking Adipex. Otherwise, the chances of you conceiving become slimmer.

Why Adipex can be harmful to pregnant women

Why Adipex can be harmful to pregnant womenThere is a reason why doctors advice pregnant women to be extra cautious of what they eat, drink, or even apply on their skin. Getting pregnant and carrying a baby in the womb for months causes chemical changes in the body. This alone can be stressful and dangerous to the health of the mother. If even vitamins and pain relievers pose threats against the woman’s health, imagine what can happen if the mother takes a potent diet pill like Adipex. A side effect that is commonly reported by users of the diet pill is hypertension. This is a serious condition that needs to be addressed immediately. If a woman is pregnant and suffers from hypertension due to Adipex, she may suffer from eclampsia. This condition can be fatal to both the unborn child and the mother. If you are trying to get or are already pregnant, it is a must to consult a doctor if you want to take diet pills like Adipex. He or she will be responsible for assessing whether the risk of suffering from complications is worth the benefit of losing the extra weight. Another consideration that you must make is the effect of the drug on your baby. To date, there are no conclusive studies linking abnormalities in babies to Adipex usage. However, the babies of mothers who continued to use the diet pill even while pregnant tended to be thinner when they were born. Some were also suffering from deficiencies in nutrients. For the safety of your baby, it may be better to skip Adipex. An alternative is to take safer diet pills like Phentramin-D. It is also a potent drug that can lead to similar results as Adipex but does not come with the drawbacks.

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